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Know Your Customer Policy at Red Dog Casino

Know Your Customer (KYC) Policy developed and implemented by our RedDogCasino website. Hereafter, we provide the basic stages of different procedures and verifications. 

Know Your Customer policy is about obtaining the detailed information about your customer and its aim is to protect both parties in a business transaction and relationship. KYC serves an important purpose for providing superior service, preventing liability, and avoiding association with money laundering, and types of fraud.

Procedure of Registration

To start playing at a casino a user shall register an account and go through several verification procedures, including identity verification procedure. A user cannot start playing without successfully completing the identity verification procedure.

Procedure of Verification

There are the best industry practices and methods for preventing illegitimate activities, also referred to as Customer Due Diligence (“CDD”). According to CDD, every casino has implemented a verification procedure structured using the standards for anti-money laundering and “Know Your Customer” (KYC) policies.

Verification of Identity

To execute the identity verification procedure, the user is requested to provide a casino with trustworthy documents, data and/or information (i.e. passport, ID, utility bill and/or bank statement). A casino reserves the right to gather the User’s identification information at any given time for AML/KYC Policy purposes.

Card Verification

Any User who wishes to connect a payment card to his/her account has to go through a process of his/her card verification based on the guidelines presented on the casino site.

 Documentation Verification

Players may prove their identity using other authorized identification documents. This includes, but is not limited to, a valid passport and/or any valid utility bill issued no longer than 6 months that states the User’s current address. Companies must be identified using valid Chamber of Commerce extracts or notary deeds. All copies must be made and archived securely.

Identity Authentication

To verify the authenticity of User information and documentation, a casino ensures that the proper measures are met. When implementing a double-check information procedure, all legal methods for information authentication are used. Please note that RedDogCasino also reserves the right to perform an investigation on any user that has been found to be risky or suspicious, and even delete an account with suspicious activity without notifying the user.

Routine Authentication

A casino usually reserves the right to perform account verification aimed to authenticate a User’s identity on a routine basis, and at any given time, under its sole discretion. This may occur when the user’s activity is found suspicious and/or if that user’s information has been altered. Furthermore, it reserves the right to request additional current verification documents from Users at any given time, even if such documentation was already presented to the Company in the past.

All identification information of User is gathered, shared, stored, and protected in accordance with the casino Privacy Policy. Users’ personal information is not shared with the third parties unless required. We use SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, an encryption-based Internet security protocol, to protect your personal data privacy.

Upon the implementation of the process of user verification, Red Dog Casino may absolve itself from any potential legal liability. This includes, but is not limited to any occurrence where its Services may be used to perform illegal activities. In case you have any issues on this topic, we are ready to discuss them with you in our live chat or you can drop us an email at any time.