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Responsible Gambling

Gambling responsibly means taking breaks while playing; not using gambling as a source of income; gambling only with money that you can afford to lose; and setting limits for yourself (both in terms of time and money). 

We at Red Dog Casino believe that responsible play is the key to enjoying your gaming experience. This section was designed to help you keep your gambling habits under control by realizing many crucial facts about it, including but not limited to the fact that gambling cannot be considered a form of investment or a source of income.

What Is Our Contribution to Responsible Gambling?

Our Casino blog is very sensitive to the issues of our Customer’s security and convenience, and our goal is to make the gambling experience in a casino pleasant for everyone. We are committed to protecting the customer’s privacy, and to ensuring that the correct means are used to help the Customer to play responsibly. We can, on demand, ask a casino manager to set up deposit limits for the Customer’s play for a day/week/month, as well as setting up a cooling-off or self-exclusion limit.

Make Your Casino Experience Enjoyable

It is a great pleasure and fun to gamble, but it is crucial to follow these instructions to ensure responsible gaming. 

  • Choose the right time to gamble, and ensure that online play does not affect your daily responsibilities.
  • Do not play if you are under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.
  • Keep track of your deposits and losses to have a full picture of your gambling activities, and be able to recognize when it’s time to stop.
  • You should avoid chasing losses by all means. If luck doesn’t smile on you today, do not try to catch it by stepping up your bets.
  • You can always play in a free/demo mode just to try the game.

Underage Gambling Prevention

Red Dog Casino IO is not aimed at minors in any way, and we shall use all means to discourage young persons from registering an account and playing for real money online. Only customers minimum 21 years old are allowed to use an online casino. Though we are dedicated to discouraging minors from participating in casino activities, cooperation from parents in terms of

protecting their children from gambling is extremely important. If any juveniles have access to your personal computer, it’s advisable to follow these guidelines to prevent underage casino play:

  •  Protect your account with a password.
  •  Keep your casino credentials secret.
  •  Install specialized software for child protection.
  •  Do not allow minors to be alone with any device where casino software is running or a casino account open.
  •  Make sure that your children understand the possible harm and legal consequences of underage gambling.

Please keep in mind that the parent/legal guardian/account owner takes full responsibility for the minor’s actions. Hereby you agree that Red Dog Casino is not liable for any loss or claim that you may have against us that has been caused by an underage child due to any lack of supervision.

Various protection tools are foreseen for the parents to use on their devices in order to prevent underage gambling.

Deposit Limits

Determining your money limits before you begin to play is extremely important, since it allows keeping your gaming habits under control. You can control your casino play by limiting the amount of funds you transfer into your casino account for a certain period. A casino, on demand, may place a deposit limit on your account to help you keep your gambling habits under control. Bear in mind that the minimum deposit in a casino is between 20 USD and 30 USD. 


Self-exclusion and cooling-off practices allow you to take a break from play in case it stops being entertaining. During the period of time you have determined, access to a casino account that you hold will be restricted. To activate the aforementioned function, please contact your Customer Care representative.

Self-Assessment Quiz

Taking a look at your gambling habits from time to time gives you a chance to reconsider them, and to prevent any problems. You can ask yourself the following questions prepared by the Red Dog team to figure out how important gaming is for you, and how reasonable it is to proceed with such activities.

1.    Have my gambling habits affected my job or my relationship in any way?

2.    Is it usual for me to play until there is no money left?

3.    Does it look reasonable for me to lie to others about how much money I spend on gambling activities?

4.    Have I sold any property or borrowed any money from other people to keep playing, or to help me get through the month after a huge loss?

5.    Am I trying to win back the money I lost, even though this appeared to be unreasonable?

6.    Have I played being influenced by alcohol or any other substances?

7.    Do I tend to increase my gambling budget and session duration in order to keep myself excited?

8.    Have I already tried to restrain myself from gambling?

9.    Do I think about gambling a lot?

10.  Do I gamble to make myself feel happier?

If you gave affirmative answers to a considerable number of these questions, you may have a gambling problem, and you shouldn’t hesitate to get help from relevant organizations.

Help and Support

We are ready to answer your questions in our live chat 24/7. You can write us an email to [email protected].   

If, at any time, you start feeling that your gambling habits are getting out of control, there are Red Dog Casino IO andother specialist organizations which offer support and guidance in such circumstances. The most helpful of them are: